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Powerwall upgrades
I was doing some upgrading on my powerwall.
I changed it to 80p14s instead of 2x 80p7s and I replaced some weak 80p modules with better ones. The battery pack can now deliver pretty good 6.2kwh
I replaced my epever 30A 12v/24v with a 48v powerMr charge controller which I set to charge the battery at maximum voltage of 57.4v that is 4.1v per module.
The battery pack is performing well enough that it power my house for at least 2 days with low sun radiation.
My 24v inverter was replaced with two 48v DIY inverters, (1000w and 3500w). The small one is used mostly while the big inverter is used when there's need to connect a high power load like fridge/freezer and water pump.
Some images to go with:
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My power system is off grid, totally off grid, there is no grid. That is reason I use 2 inverters. I only charge with solar panels that I mounted on the roof. I have 6 panels 4 of which are 250w and 2 are 200w, the 2 of 200w are connected in parallel before ccnnecting them in series with the other 250w so as to get something close to1400w. The panels are connected to the charge controller which charges the battery.

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