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Victron 150/35, Outback
(09-20-2019, 12:07 AM)Doin it Wrote:  I wonder how accurate the demo is to the voltages the actual product will produce

Hm I would imagine that the demo software is like test driving a car and asking the salesperson if the RPM and Speedometer are accurate.
I would imagine if the demo software for that particular model allows you to adjust the system to the parameters you are looking for then the real thing will do the same.

Just saying and also my experience with demo software. The manufacturer wouldn't want to put out "fake" demo software it would just bite them in the ass in the long run.
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Hey wolf, yeah only reason I question the 69v max it allows for absorption in the demo is cuz Sean (above) was saying his victron charges to max of 64v, or maybe I misunderstood and he just meant he could set it to 64v to charge his 16s packs.. I guess I’ll contact victron..
Did u see that I got an iotawatt and I did testing with it compared to electric company that proves 240v supply from gtil2s does not backfeed?
The manual for the 150/35 shows a default equalization voltage of 64.8v which is adjustable.  I suspect it should be able to get here.

My friend had one in use with a 15s setup, I will try and get him to confirm.
@Doin it

Confirmed... the 150/35 can be set to a maximum of 69.56 volts for the DC battery side.
Never mind - answered my own question.
Thx crimp for verifying. What’s the max volts the 150/35 will actually charge to.. doubt it’ll charge to 69.. probably tops out at 64v like Sean said his higher amperage cc
Hey folks. I learned that the Victron 150/35 is 48v and about 1/2 the $ of a midnite solar and has USB direct for connection to a PC and has software. All good so far as this would be adequate for a 900w (3 panel) subsystem I plan to put on my gazebo to be hooked into my 48v battery bank.

My goal is to be able to retrieve basic stats (volts, watts) at least once every 5 minutes thru custom software - so I can add these values to my database of other values. For example, with my Midnite Solars I use PHP to do modbus queries to retrieve info from registers in the device. For Batrium, I parse the status files automatically written to the hard disk every 5 minutes.

Does the Victron PC software produce a log file that is updated automatically? or is there modbus register specs/examples? I have some ability, but don't want to go to the level of Adruino or anything that complicated.
(09-24-2019, 03:11 AM)Doin it Wrote: Thx crimp for verifying. What’s the max volts the 150/35 will actually charge to.. doubt it’ll charge to 69.. probably tops out at 64v like Sean said his higher amperage cc

I don't see why it wouldn't... as long as you have a PV voltage greater than your battery voltage as it's a buck only MPPT.

PV voltage needs to be 5 volts higher than battery to start charging.  Considering this units supports a PV voltage as high as 150, I suspect it's a non issue.

I would test it but I run a 15s setup, time permitting ill see if I can rig up a 17s pack and actually charge at that voltage but I won't happen anytime soon.
Would this charge controller do well for charging lithium.. it says it has bulk, absorption and float..
Which of those modes are needed for charging lithium.. I believe I’m supposed to set float voltage just under absorption for lithium.. for some reason tho I thought float wasn’t needed for lithium.. or one of the charging modes weren’t needed for lithium? lifepo gets charged differently I guess but I’m not getting lifepo
Were these the older versions of the midnites?
I have never used the Midnite units... I wanted one for the longest time, like the MPPT KID, but after I learned about the Victron Smart units I basically use that exclusively now and I think they are great units.  That said, both should be do lithium just fine.

The Victron units have 100% user defined settings which was a big selling point for me.

For lithium, as long as you can disable equalization and temperature compensation as those are more for lead, you should be good to go.  I set absorption as my max charge voltage, and just under that because really you don't need to float lithium cells.  You don't have to worry about chemistry or the pre-set options for it because you can just customize all the parameters like charge voltages to make sense for your battery setup.

I manage my entire Victron controller from my iPhone/iPad, nice user interface and good trending / logging of data.

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