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Mpp 5.5 hybrid MPI use in Australia
Hi All,
Is anyone in Australia currently using one of these mpp hybrid inverters and feeding back to the grid? I’m looking for an inverter that can legally feed excess solar back into the grid. There is certification on this model on the spec sheet (AS 4777/3100 ) I can’t find any other info.
There is currently an older grid tie inverter feeding the grid.
I’m buying this house and want to put my existing diy powerwall on this and install a new Hybrid inverter.
I have used the mpp solar in the past.
I really want to keep the mains connected as a back up but offset the daily supply chargers.
Thank you all for any input.
My Electrician will be installing as I won’t touch 240v and not being a licensed electrician, I’m not risking my life and family’s.
Tychipowerwall what is the question? Only if anyone is using a MPI 5,5K in Australia? I bet there is..
Is this model certified in Australia ( QLD) to be allowed to feed back to the grid?
Don't know. There is a lot of knowledge about Voltronic stuff on the South African Powerforum. Maybe you can ask there if you don't get an answer here.
Check out or contact Clean Energy Council.
Thanks for the help. I’ve contacted the CEC for help.

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