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SLA shaped battery box

I am looking for an enclose that looks like a Lead Acid battery, but is empty inside and I can use it to put a custom battery pack inside.
It needs terminals just like a normal Lead Acid battery.

Would be cool if anyone knew where Jehu as example got his battery box from.
May be an excuse to buy a 3d printer perhaps? I have toyed with the idea of printing stackable battery trays that once fully assembled resemble a car battery. Just have to make sure the material you print with can withstand moderate temperatures without warping. So maybe PETG or ABS.
<Tested Inventory Capacity 5.42 KWH>
I went to a recycling center and came across these battery chassis modules that are used in UPS units.

I also just so happen to have brand new batteries that fit it which were destined for my APC UPS, but the unit itself was dead so I ended up with some new batteries for free I got from work.  Even if I had to buy them, you can get about 40Ah new for $100.

It worked out to be pretty convenience for me but keep an eye out for stuff like this because it turned out to be useful.  Even ammo cans fit the 17Ah SLA pretty well, which was used in my 1st portable power project.

Just some photos to get the ideas going...


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