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[BUYING] wanted 1 tonne laptop packs.
just put in an oferr for some land and im planning to go off grid so i need lots and lots of 18650s, plan to build 3 large 14s pafcks, id rather process my own cells rather than buying other peoples.

wonder if anybody know where to buy scrap laptop packs from at bulk it a tonne? in the uk?
Battery is li iron using 18650s, 14s, 0p, and growing cell so far 1000ish, untesteded.
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No solar yet, very soon, looking to buy panels if anyone has any?
That's a tall order. Good luck with that
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I contacted my State E-Cycle Program and I was able to buy scrap laptop batteries from a bulk recycling processor in my area. I initially purchased 200 lbs and they received new quantities each month.
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I would consider buying larger format cells instead and since you going to build house go for LiFePo4 or equal in larger format.

Neither less I dont have anything to add and hope you get what you look for!
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UK or USA is quite a distance to swim?
I have troubles to get there also from what OP wants....It will take a loooong time.
Daromer give him a right answer, i am in the same situation, but i am almost done (yeah right) with my house.


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It would be possible to get You one tonne Smile Or maybe You simply would preffer processed cells tested measured etc?

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