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What cells to use?
Hello Everyone.
I  am currently testing cells and i want to know one thing.

What is best to use in a power wall
a - 2600 cells that test at 2100
b- 2200 cells tat test at 2000

i know ideally i wold like to use good +2400 but i don't have many of those so i want to know witch are best to use.

By simple math you can determine that the 2600 ones have 80% capacity remaining while the 2200 ones have 90% capacity remaining.

That, along with the confirmed higher durability over time of the 2200 ones, would clearly lead to the conclusion that the better choice is b: the 2200 cells.

Now if you don't have any top-of-the-line quality requirements you may just use both types just fine; make 2 packs for different purposes or even a combined pack.

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