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help fixing segway x2 i2 battery pack
Yea Looks good. I'd go till 2.5V before moving on to the next cell. if you can turn up the amperage once it hits 1.2V that will be safe
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Ideally each group of cells should be the same voltage ("in balance").
I have not done this, so it is only from the theory I have learned here...
I would try to get each group of cells to the same voltage before trying to charge with the charger for the whole pack. Do some reading on why balancing is important.
You will also want to check for self discharging on the cells which are lower than the others.
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Thanks jdeadman, Thanks Oz18650

I got those 2 groups up to 1.8v, i slightly pushed up current after hitting 1.2v to get there. It took about 3 hrs. By the time I removed the charger clips to the other cell group, the voltage has already come back down to .84v , so I think these 2 groups, 12 cells total I will just replace them all. I found 12 cells for us$40 delivered on ebay, so now I will learn how to remove the tabs, remove the cells, and spot weld in the new one's.. wish me luck Smile
Good luck!
I am sure you will get there in the end.
Are the cells you are purchasing new and exactly the same type? You may want to test that they perform as they should before using them. Apparently lots of cells are deliberately sold performing worse than the ads state.
It is not necessarily all cells in the group that are no good.
You could replace all of them, or you could test them individually to find which are ok. If you go down the test each cell path, you may need to end up joining "llithium anonymous" mentioned elsewhere on this forum- you are already showing the signs.... ?
Just kidding.
But seriously, you will need to work out how far you want to go with rebuilding the pack. If you replace all cells in the bad groups, you will have the extracted ones to test and keep any good ones as spares anyway.
How easy would it be to test/charge each set of cells after you put everything back together?
Is it worthwhile to add a connector to check voltage and possibly individually charge cell groups?
This would allow you to keep an eye on things and manually balance the cell groups if cell groups are not performing the same as each other.
Note: I have no idea if there is any sort of BMS/ balance circuitry in the pack you have.
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