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Favorite US distributors and retailers?
Do any of you have recommendations of online retailers or wholesalers to purchase inverters from in the US?
Many of my searches lead me to:

That said… I haven’t ordered from any of these people aside from Pkys and AltE.  I wouldn’t be above ordering from Amazon as well if the price is right.

I typically shop for Victron gear, but I bought my first Genasun MPPT controller from AltE and they seems like a great vendor.  

Personally I stick to the big names when I look for equipment, but curiosity and price also get the best of me sometimes so I dabble in off-brand Chinese goods, rarely, at least not for anything “production grade”.  More for fun on the bench kinda stuff.
Also check out They are a big victron dealer among other stuff. I've called them and talked to super helpful people! I've also bought small victron stuff off amazon without any issues. But that is somewhat of a backup for me.
Depends on what brand you are looking for, your budget, if you care about having a warranty or not, etc. Also are you looking for a Grid-Tie Inverter? Hybrid? Standalone?

Lots of solar companies go bankrupt, so I've seen a lot of brand new, no warranty, legit, UL1741 GTI on ebay for like 80% off (Buy 2, it's like having a warranty?).

Keep in mind that the better the brand, and the more in demand the inverter is, the harder it will be to get a deal on it.

For off grid, Aims is probably the most used American owned/Chinese made "budget" inverter. If you are looking at that, keep an eye on Amazon Warehouse for deals, although they are rare now that Amazon no longer sells those inverters directly. For brand new, take a look at Zoro, their regular price is laughable, but they have 25% off sales often (had a flash sale today), which makes them cheaper than the other inverter suppliers and you still get the full Aims warranty.
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Otther than usual Amazon, Ebay, and occasion (who knows) china thru ebay - I have ordered from the AltE store ( several times and I can attest that they sell as advertised / are legitimate, ship immediately, etc. However, the shipping $ (from East coast to West coast of US) is definitely a factor.
My research is leading me toward a pre-wired Outback Power hybrid inverter/charger. The purchasing options mentioned in your posts are helpful. Thanks for sharing!
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