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Hey Guys,

Im very new to all this stuff and got to the HBPowerwall via YouTube.
I Really liked your videos! Nice job.

I would like to make something like this for myself at home but i do face some challenges i need to overcome.
I already have a 5KW inverter for my solar panels which does not support external batteries. However i can read all the values remotely via API via my home network or via the manufacturer website.
Currently in the Netherlands, all the power that you generate and not consume is being pumped back into the powergrid, for every KW you generate they will deduct that KW from your bill for power you get from the grid during the night. This will be at least the case till 2023. after that the overgenerated power is still put back into the grid but at 1/8 of the cost.

What i would like to do:

Add another inverter but now battery powered, i would like the inverter to charge the batteries as long as there is capacity from the solar panels. (i can read my current consumption and generation from my Smart meter). Is there anyone out here knowing any inverter that can be told to start and stop charging? and put back power whenever my solar panels do not produce enough power?

Moved thread to Introductions as this is what this is. I would recommend also adding another thread in the "Battery Pack Design, Planning, and Building" or "General Project, Battery, and Electrical" sections
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