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Richie`s Modular Powerwall (Germany) 21kWh+
(01-17-2020, 01:04 PM)tango Wrote:
(01-10-2020, 11:46 AM)richie241 Wrote: ...
I tryed the 'Leechi Project' Protocol an now everything looks right :-)
My inverter tells me 'LG BMS connected' - right!  Big Grin
Hi Richie, some Questions:
  • What was the reason you did not take the Solax Hybrid X3?
  • What battery voltage do you have on the inverter?
  • What is meant by "Leechi Project Protocol? Would this also work on the X3?
  • What is your general impression of the SolaX inverters? The service does not seem to be very good, the manuals are lousily translated, but the datasheet looks very interesting.
  • Do you have, or are you planning to have, an uninterruptible power supply?
  • What are your experiences with the BMS of Batrium?
    How many BatMons do you work with?
    Where did you buy this?
Sorry for this many questions. Your project gives me new impulse for my project. I wait for the Megacellcharger from Alex so that I cam start selecting my zells.

Hi tango,

here we go :-)

- SolaX X3 is HV (=High Voltage) Hybrid inverter. Battery Voltage range 175-500V.
 (see here: ) 

- SolaX Hybrid 2 and the most other inverters used here by users running 48V
(See User Manuel: )

- 'Lychee Project Protocol' emulate a LG Chem Battery. See point 1. So dont think about it ;-)

- My SolaX Hybrid Gen. 2 is running perfectly for my application. It runs 6 month without any fault just with PV and a few weeks with my Powerwall.
 Right, the German Support is not good. Best way is to contact the Chinese Support via Facebook (answer is some hours) or the GB Support.
 Example: i ask the german Support for new Firmware. Answer after 3 Days: You have the newest version.
 Chinese Support sends me new Firmware after 2 hours...  Big Grin

- I havent used the EPS output yet. It is comming soon.

- Batrium works perfectly, good Support and a good sleep ;-)
atm 14 LongMons (like i wrote in other posts, see pictures).
Like Daniel said..

BR Richie
2013: 40x PhonoSolar 250Wp @SMA Tripower 10000 || 2016: LG Chem RESU 12kW @SMA SunnyIsland 4.4 || 2019/20: DIY POWER :-)

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