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XiaoxiangBMS software
I came across this iPhone app the other day and it’s pretty slick! I haven’t bought the pro version but I’m thinking that I will. Apparently someone has fully decoded the controls to be able to read and write these bms units in a much more English friendly way.

Edit: try this?
Page isn't loadable.

I get:
Your request produced an error.

Perhaps just screen shot it if the page won't load.
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Ok I updated the link. That should work now.
Well I bought the upgrade for the app. Its freaking awesome. So much better than the chinese vesion!
Sigh… I bought an Android device months ago just to use this stupid BMS… now there is an iOS version?
It’s not from the manufacturer. It’s a third party. But it is much better designed. Actually makes me like it. All the info is on one page. It does little things like convert the temp from c to f.
I figured that... I downloaded and tested it today... looks decent and it’s about time someone came up with something for iOS.
I bought the upgrade so now I can name the BMS. That is super handy. I've got 3 of them! I've been happy with how well it works so far! Time will tell!
Ill probably just buy it as well… only a matter of time.  I’ve spent $6 on way more useless things haha.
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Can you pos some screenshots guys? I only have the Xiaoxiang version on my android and yes that does what it should do but a little bit better interface and english translation would be nice!

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