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XiaoxiangBMS software
Here you go. iPad screen shots.  

That looks VERY nice indeed!! Wow! Now the question is, since I don't have Apple stuff, is there an android equivalent? I have the original app but it looks ridiculous with the speed and expected range of the powerwall in front. But with that said, I'm happy with the JBD BMS.
If you find an android equivalent let us know! I stumbled across it on my iphone. I've always been an android guy and just switched. Thought I'd take a look at the app store and see if there was something and boom! sweet app!
I have both the IPhone and Android apps.

Only using the IPhone app though so much better than the Android version.
UK Southwest.

7 kWp Solar Panels (28 x 250Wp Shinetime Mono).
14 X APS YC500i Micro Inverters.
42 X 40P 18650 cell packs/modules configured as 14S 120P.
Sofar Mass Energy ME3000SP AC coupled charger/inverter.
Still sourcing and processing cells for powerwall.
About halfway into my next batch of cells for another 14 40P packs
13 kWh processed and operational so far.

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