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watch out or new melting furnace idea
Found this one, i thought it would be appropriate.

hmmmm building a ark furnace can be simple Cool
Arc furnaces are real easy to make. And we have access to the electrodes for free, too  Wink

Take your dead/bad cells and make sure they have been completely discharged, 0V flat. Then carefully remove the cap. This can be done easily with a dremel/rotary-tool. After pulling the guts out, you want to go for the center rod. It's made from carbon.

The carbon rod is a great electrode for use in an arc furnace as it conducts electricity very well, and can withstand the heat generated in the furnace. Just attach them to some longer leads so you can run them off your power source.

Then get some firebrick, drill a hole in 2 blocks large enough for the electrodes. These will be on the sides. Make a bowl shaped hole in a 3rd brick. Or at least a divot to hold a mortar. Assemble the unit and wear welding protection (not going at it w/o safety glasses like the guy in the video. This IS a welding arc and can blind you), and start melting metal!

I would never use AC house power directly like he does in the video. It's too unsafe. Even if he's using power directly from a DC source like solar panels. There needs to be a safety switch so you can actually power off the electrodes.

You could also follow the better instructions from KOR:

Proceed with caution. Knowledge is Power! Literally! Cool 
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shit....really wish i know this earlier....i throw away at least 500 below 1v cells.....
awel more wil come in time.
Thanks Korishan, i will experiment with it Heart

For the blinding part, use welding glasses!!!!molten metal especially aluminium WILL produce strong uv light/radiation!
Be very careful and safe with this stuff...I melt a lot off metals, but even if it is 35 c i wear long thick pants, protectif sweaters, gloves and shoes, you dont want to have molten metal on your skin.
From tin (280c) to pure copper(1150c), or iron(1500c), you dont want to have it on you!
No matter how experienced you are, molten metal just can smell your fear of the pain.....or ignorance
And it will get you.

btw king is dead due to a paraglider accident or something, i liked hid vids very much

ps...this is not needed for metals with a melting point below 650c...
Lead tin bismuth antimony and such dont let them force melting...those metals wont except that.
Its the mass that is not allowing them for a quick melt.
The reason i make such a fuss: its to simple to make a furnace like that and my experience plus knowledge.
When done will have a lot of fun and not so much oxidised or burned metal.
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