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Discharge after capacity testing?
Also to add: if a cell take to long to charge it could also be a potential sd.
If you charge a 2000mah cell with 1amp a hour and it takes 4 hour to complete then there is something wrong with that cell.
Inlc also heating up.
Those cells must be discharged immediately to 0 volt and in the bin for the recycler.

Now most diy chargers like the tc40xx can charge 1ah but they must have the proper power supply for it also.
So if the max is 500mah that the charger is getting, then a 2000mah cell must have 5 hours to complete full state.
Make sure you got power enough to spare, when charging cells

Before you consider a sd after the cell comes from the charger, give the chemistry some rest so it can settle, usually it takes one hour.
To make sure just wait 4 weeks.
To make it more complicated on the charging part: its not only from charger to charger or from slot to slot.
Some cells simply dont want to be charged to 4.15v and the other will take charges up to 4.25 without pain.

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4200 cells in packs Exclamation above 2500mah and 90%soh.
1500 waiting for testing.

Saving for 3 times phoenix inverter 48/3000 230v to gain also 380v
3 chargers?

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Even though I didn't do it this way, I would recommend charging and testing for voltage drop FIRST before capacity testing for 2 reasons: (1) It will help you weed out self draining cells and save you the time you would spend testing those cells; and (2) keeping cells at full charge for extended periods of time WILL damage your cells. So why test twice? I made that mistake and let cells sit at full charge for between 8 months and 1 year before testing AGAIN and found out I lost like 3% of my good cells and a whole bunch of time retesting. So after you test for self-dischargers, do a capacity test, and then bring those cells to a uniform storage voltage (I would do 3.4V but most would do 3.7V). Keeping the voltage low and uniform will aid in pack building. You don't want to solder/spot weld a fully charged cell in case you make a mistake (it happens).
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