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Does anyone have experience with the Victron inverters
Does anyone have experience with the Victron inverters.

I have just the second Voltronic 5000 / 48V defective with error 52 / error 09 nothing works anymore.
And so slowly I'm fed up. Angry

Would like to take a Victron inverter.
As a replacement. Did not quite understand until now at Victron the ESS.

I need one who does not feed or where to turn it off.
I would like synonymous if the battery is empty from the grid.
He must use a 14S120P battery pack 57V maximum.

Here at Vicrtron I have the Phoenix, MultiPlus and MultiPlus 2, the Quadro and MultiGrid. Huh

Which of these I can adjust as a PIP / Voltronic (without PV charging) I have here MPPT only loader the PCM60x Voltronic addition.

Would appreciate information.

Maybe someone from Germany or German-speaking space in the forum can send me a PM in German times (which also has a system running on Victron)

Alternative inverters from other manufacturers are also possible, if you still have tips (Attention only systems with DC48V (14S max 57V) and AC 230 Volt for Germany.

Greetings Dirk
Thanks for all the information
/*Yes, Victron can be unclear in some subjects.
I send some emails to them, but when they send me the question on what i want on the end i never got any replay...
The same for ess they want you to buy their stuff and not build your own.

Be careful on how you ask questions to them....dont be to honest with them.
They can sell a lot more to the diy market, but they wont comply, and thus not make extra money...
I have a own company, they are arrogant, i just work for a fair price....they go for the full monty

Oke i will figure it out myself and go with a plain simple idea:
Just buy a solo inverter.....just a matter withs one...just a solar matter with one, only keep an eye on the values.., and no fancy stuff, just from dc to ac and a transfer switch...
The transfer switch you can make it also yourself with a simple relay.

I can tell you everything about victorians stuff but not what each one can do or how to connect it....i know all there things from memory right now, but i still can not build a system with their stuff.
Somehow it won't sink in, i spend 6 months reading ect, it just won't sink in, its to over complicated.
Quote: "victron will do everything you want"......except to find it out for yourself.....
You can set everything to your wish, but one thing is still not clear, the automatic switch from and to the grid.

Probably this would suit your needs???
Sorry it is in dutch, but it will give you some leads


btw at ev are my prices...without tax or vat or imports or business, sorry my mistake
The Victron products seem good but can be confusing re the info available.
I have a 48V/5000kVA Multiplus unit inverter & 3x Bluesolar MPPT chargers & I'm happy with them so far :-)
My Multiplus does not grid feed & can switch back to grid supply if needed.

The Phoenix range units are just a straight inverter.
The Quatro & Multiplus units give extra switching, load sharing, 3 phase, etc, options.
Maybe just look up each product separately & read the brochure/manual.
Ignore the ESS side information.

If you want MPPT charge controllers, Victron do that either separately with the bluesolar/smartsolar units or all-in-one controller + inverter in the Easy Solar units
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Running off solar, DIY & electronics fan :-)
(10-13-2019, 05:48 AM)Redpacket Wrote: The Victron products seem good but can be confusing re the info available.
I have a 48V/5000kVA Multiplus unit inverter & 3x Bluesolar MPPT chargers & I'm happy with them so far :-)
My Multiplus does not grid feed & can switch back to grid supply if needed.

Hello, you have your investment here in the forum as a trade.

Would like to learn more about your setup with the Multiplus.

Even when reading the whole of documents from Victron suspected that the Multiplus the device is the choice.

How did you set yours in the settings. Have always read something from HUB2, HUB3 and ESS, as a software to adjust but I'm still not quite figured out if that are just software versions for programming or whatever.

Do you have pictures of your plant here in the forum or could you provide some.

Greetings Dirk
The settings can be entered via the Victron Venus GX controller if you want (I don't have one).
I don't have mine as integrated as some do here, eg I'm not using CAN bus comms.
I used the Victron VEConfigure tool to set the values & logic functions (I use a laptop for this).
Using this tool, it's not complicated - only the control logic takes some thinking.
You will need the right comms cable to go PC's USB > inverter.

Simlarly, the MPPT units can be configured easily with the Victro Connect s/w.

I have 3x banks of 8x solar panels each, 325W each (total 24 panels, approx 7.8kW by label).
The panels are 72 cell panels (not the usual 60 cell) for higher voltage. 
All the panels are wired as 2 in series so the system voltage is <120V DC.
Each bank feeds 1x MPPT 150/60 Bluesolar charge controller (total 3x of these).
The MPPTs feed the batteries, they are 4x LiFePo4, 120Ahr each.
The batteries feed the Multiplus.
Incoming grid comes to the INPUT terminals of the Multiplus.
Incoming grid mains & the Multiplus OUTPUT go to a manual changeover switch at the house switchboard.
House is wired 100% standard mains wiring with the usual breakers & RCDs, etc.
I use Batrium to monitor & balance the batteries.
I have a custom written system on a Raspberry Pi for data logging & displaying graphs (sort of similar to daromer's system).

The pic below is before the 3rd bank of panels + charger was added & some more tidying up & labeling has been done since :-)
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Running off solar, DIY & electronics fan :-)
Wo ich das gerade lese: solltest Du Infos zu Victron haben wollen kannst
Du mich gerne unter anschreiben.

Ich habe einen Multiplus II AC gekoppelt laufen.

Viele Grüße

I have a few products but they keep changing the comms protocol, ve bus ve direct, can whatever.. I have to buy usb converters. maybe Ill try the raspberry pi thing. Second hand Victrons are good.
Newer victrons sometimes hav the gx module integrated, which offers a web server for setup and monitoring and communication...
30kWh 5x 14s80p with 5x40A China BMS. 14kWH LiFePo4 is in production.
1 x Fronius Symo 8.2 with 28 Jinko 340Wp panels east/west. 3 x Victron Multiplus II with Cerbo GX

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