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Why this 18cells with CID broken?
Hello to all, first of all sorry for my bad english.

I dissasembly 3 hp laptopt batterys with a total of 18cells (LGDAS31865 )

For my surprise, all 18 cells have the CID broken, all are in 0v. 

Do you know why? Can be because of the BMS? I only know that the CDI "broke" when the cells was in danger... But why? 

Again, thanks to all!!
The most common cause for broken CID is pressure built up in the cell to dangerous levels. It could have been from a bad BMS overcharging it, or even a short circuit of some kind.
Just because the cells are 0V, doesn't mean the CID is broken. The only way to check for CID connection is to do a continuity test. If that reads infinite, then the CID broken.

0V cells can be revived, tho success rates vary based on how long it's been 0V and the manufacture of the cell.

0V can be caused by several factors, but mostly it's due to the BMS draining the cell all the way down. It requires power to run, just like anything else.
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Best video on reviving 0v (or low v) cells I've seen is from @Daromer (a.k.a. DIY Tech & Repairs) "Bump charge/revive your dead or low voltage 18650 cells"
Very rare to have all 6 cells in a pack trip CID. Very common to have all 6 cells in a pack at 0V. The packs where 4 out of 6 cells trip CID are usually the 4.35V cells, and the one you mentioned is a standard 4.2V cell. Non-CID tripped 0V packs are usually due to the BMS and/or self draining cells taking the pack down slowly over many years. Laptop cells trip CID from either heat or overcharge.
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