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Voltage configuration in batrium
I'm on site all day tomorrow so can keep a close eye on the charging process. Hopefully we'll see things level out and I can bump my absorption point back up to 55v for the winter.
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+1 to daromer's car bulb on the new cell.
You could also use some 5W or 10W resistors, eg 4.7 ohm (for LiFePo4 @3.5V = 2.6W & ~0.75A each) don't the resistors to get too hot...

My longmons are closer together than I'd like due to available space on the battery box - so I have fans on them.
The longmons are mounted to clear polycarbonate sheet.
1x low speed 120mm 12V PC fan easily does each bank of 16x longmons.
I made a manifold out of 5mm corflute sheet & hot-melt glue to direct the airflow better.
The polycarb safety covers have a gap approx 1cm at the top & bottom.
If the fan failed, it shouldn't impact free air flow too much.
With fans:
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Running off solar, DIY & electronics fan :-)
@ daromer:
Daromer wrote:
Example I have almost 200 mons in total... 200 fans?

I have a suspicion you have more than 200 fans Cool
Lol Smile
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