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Wind generators that are not complete junk?
(10-18-2019, 08:15 PM)hermitdave Wrote: I think you have used VAWT and HAWT the wrong way around.

Vertical axis turbines like savonius, ice wind etc produce electricity starting 2.5 mph and are good for domestic usage. They also make less noise.

Horizontal 3 blade turbines are normally used for commercial applications.

Hahaha, yeah.  Whoops  Tongue Corrected original post. Thnx Dave.

Here's an image:
[Image: HAWT_and_VAWTs_in_operation_large.gif]

A HAWT (Horizontal Axial Wind Turbine) are best suited for large open flat lands with little or no obstructions. They need straight moving air.
A VAWT (Vertical Axial Wind Turbine) is best suited for turbulent, low speed winds. But they don't produce as much as the VAWT's.
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Take a look over on the Navitron forum. There are a lot of experienced people on there with all things renewable. A wealth of good information on there.,8.0.html

Any building mounted wind turbine is basically a bad idea. The air shall be highly turbulent and contain very little energy. Sure, the blades shall spin away merrily but they won't produce much power. The turbine will often hover just below the cut-in point. There is also the loading that the turbine excerts on the building structure that it was never designed to take. You risk damaging the building if you've not done your structural calculations. Turbines also make noise, so you must consider this and how it will affect you and your neighbours. Don't forget that a building mounted turbine coupled the sound directly into what ever it is fixed to. If this is a wall it will act as a sounding board and amplify the sound. I've put up with a noisy wall hung boiler waking me up at 5am on winter mornings, no way I could stand a turbine all night!
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