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Balance feature on BMS or ImaxB6
Newb question here.

In the process of upgrade NiCd 18v dewalt pack with 18650. I will be following Dewalt 18v Li-Ion upgrade pack. From what i can see, the pack consist 5 cell wired 5s with there own BMS. The question I have is (1) wire it to have PCB managed balance and just supply power to the board or (2) have IMax control charging and balanceing. Option (2) would require an extra opening for balance leads. Either would work for me, but prefer the safer and practical route.

Open to other suggestions. More Ah would be great, but it would have to fit inside OEM form factor.

I have been harvesting and have a decent supply of Samsung 22F and LG (few differrnt version) lost if not all are 2200mAh. The harvested Cells came with 2s2p BMS (which I discarded).
I moved your thread here because it was against thread rules in the DIY Battery Project Builds (Share and document your powerwall build journey in a project thread. This section is not for general questions.)

And then you re-created it with the "exact" same wording as this one. Did you come here and copy and paste a new thread again? I deleted the other thread in the DIY Battery Builds section. Please do not create a thread in that section unless it is the progress of your project "Build". Not for general questions. All other sections are open for asking general questions. But please keep each question to its respective section. IE: Your OP question is about BMS's, so it goes in the BMS section. If you have a question about electronics, then post in the Electronics section.
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