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[SELLING] California - 5.2 kWh Tesla Module
Selling a gently used 5.2 kWh Tesla module originally purchased from 057 Technology. Includes the 057 converter board with 6s XH balancing connector breakout. Also includes a Tenergy cell balancer. Asking $1000 $800.

Battery was inspected and tested for capacity by 057 Technology at time of salvaging.
It's had a pretty easy life since I purchased it. Charge cycles have been within a very conservative range of its full capacity and it's only been properly in-use within the last year.

I'm currently on the road and will be in California for the next 2 or 3 weeks, so if you're in the state (or close by) I can bring the battery to you. If you're interested, let me know and I can probably make the detour to drop it off. 
I'm unable to ship it since I don't have access to decent packing material to keep it safe in transit.

Dropping price to $800 - tired of hauling this extra weight in my vehicle!  Big Grin

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