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I thought I would just say hello, introduce myself and to pass on my thanks to everyone for your inspiration and passion to create some good from old batteries.

I have been collecting data on my own home energy usage using a home made (nodemcu based) system and have been harvesting 18650 cells for a number of years with the goal of eventually powering my entire home from battery and solar.

I’m finally ready to start building and testing a small powerwall. I have decided to use DIYBMS as I love projects where I can get hands on. I’ve created functional circuits and minor electronics projects of my own for most of my life but I have never ordered PCB’s or worked with SMD devices so I am particularly looking forward to this build.

My goal is to build a 14s60p powerwall, I intend to start small and build it modular in 20p packs.

I’ve ordered enough PCB’s and components to make 20 DIYBMS v4 boards and 2 control boards (spares for testing), I’ll share some pictures when I’ve completed my first few packs and boards.

First step: build 14s20p (cells ready), BMS, 600w solar (already up), PCM60x, GTIL2.

Long term I plan to install (edit: the electrician) an Outback Radian and build from their to hopefully gain grid independence.


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