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German Powerwall #X (the most western)
Chapeau! Very nice.
That is exactly what I am looking for.
One question: Didn't you suffer from moisture in the shed? 
I mean there is no Airconditioning except from temperature control, am I right?
I am looking for these in wall AC's and I found some from itlay, distributed via banggood for around 250 bucks.
My initital idea was to use Peltier but this draws a lot more power then real AC and also does not regulate the Humidty.
Still trying to figure out what shed I should build. Thinking of pure steel/metal only in case of emergency with fire outlets for each module (13S15P).
At the moment I am soldering DIYBMS V4 and there is a looong way to go. :-)

Cheers and stay healthy
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