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Energus BMS
Hi, I'm about to buy one of these tiny bms's but I can't quite seem to find the answer to whether or not the board has a charging circuit inbuilt...? Is a one able to help enlighten me?

This btw looks like a killer bms which I don't see mentioned here enough.

I've been through your documentation and I see that it supports a 30A charging current but is that just for an external charger? If so are you able to recommend any charging board that will support a 4s configuration? I ask as most liion chargers are built into their own enclosures but I am hoping to fit the whole thing (batteries, bms, charger) into one 2u 19" rack enclosure. I've looked around for bare circuitry and can't find anything that seems to suit (most chargers seem to be for solar setups or for car/van batteries). I've thought about the idst and other small chargers like this but they require physical buttons to be pressed every time power is connected which isn't ideal for me.

If this bms does have inboard charging circuitry then what is the recommended input voltage for a 4s battery? Should I put in the nominal 14.8v or does it require the full 16.8v?

Thanks, I look forward to your replies.
A BMS is not responsible for charging. Its job is to monitor (and usually balance) the cells(packs) that are wired in series to make a battery. It should also monitor overall battery voltage, and perhaps temperature. Its job is to take action (cut of incoming or outgoing current) if one or more cells are in danger of being overcharged (fire risk) or discharged too much (damage and perhaps fire risk in extreme case).

The charging function is performed by an external device such as a charge controller or a charger.

There may very well be charge 'boards' but I'll leave that to others as I only use charge controllers and chargers in my work.
Yeah cool thanks for the rundown. I am aware that a bms's main function is balancing but I also know that some boards offer a charging function too.However, the more that I look at it I believe in this case that you're right and that this board doesn't offer charging.

So if anyone can recommend a good charging board that doesnt come in an enclosure that'd be fantastic.
No boards offer a charging function. They cut off the charger if it goes to high = on or off. No charging function in terms of CC/CV or stages.

If you need charging function you buy a charger. The BMS is there to protect and inform.
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Ok cool, thanks daromer.

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