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[CLOSED] Sony US18650VTC4 Cells - Ontario, Canada
Hi all,

 I had a stroke of luck finding a huge supply of the Sony US18650VTC4 cells. If anyone needs some, please message me - I have thousands. I'd be looking somewhere in the realm of $1-1.50 per cell, but that is negotiable based on quantity. They test >95% original capacity and lot numbers lead me to believe they were made in 2018.

I would only be on board with local delivery / pick up (no shipping). Cash payments please. 

Sexy Looking Cells. Looking forward to Picking mine up Smile
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Working on the next 7s40p packs     ~2.5kWh

Waiting on 2000 Cells of unused Sony vt4 (2000mah 30A) ~ 15kWh      hehehehehe  More Power
salam setrum, apa bisa jual ke indonesia
(10-25-2019, 04:10 AM)ahmad mustofa hendrayano Wrote: salam setrum, apa bisa jual ke indonesia

English only. Considering the OP is in Canada, most likely only speaks English and French (I'm guessing here).
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Whereabouts in Ontario? I'm in Ottawa.
(10-27-2019, 09:30 PM)ejlouis Wrote: Whereabouts in Ontario? I'm in Ottawa.
Sent you a PM

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