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How to wire my 80p packs???
Currently I am building a 14s80p 10 kWh DIY powerwall with 1120 used ebike 18650 cells (2200 up to 3600 mAh). As cell holders I am using 8x10 3D printed trays (ABS). The busbars will be made out of 6 mm² (AWG 10) solid copper wire. The plus pols will be protected with 4 A glass fuses.

With wiring would you recommend?
I am afraid that type A could make problems as no cross equalization can occur. But do you think this is needed/important?
The minus pol side will be mirrored as most of us do (e.g. HBPowerwall, ...)

For better equal current flow the more the cells are interconnected is technically better but I believe that is not as important than to make sure to switch the orientation of the connections point on the other side.

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They are all the same electrically. Do the ones that is the easiest for you. B and C requires more copper and work.
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Agree with above - I was advised by an electrical engineer friend that when you're dealing with small current / cell (i.e. 500ma or 1a or even 2a) and you have a 6awg buss (or larger) then equalization is not an issue to worry about. I like @Daromer's comment about doing what is easiest.

One thing I found was that it was safer for me to have positive on one end and negative on the other end. I started off with + and - on same end of my packs and I was constantly worried about them shorting (like dropping a wrench on them or 1 would bend over to touch the other if I dropped the pack etc....) so I went with opposite ends.
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Go with a, seems the easiest to me, if i was in your position.
Take a look at this guy's pw, btw there is a difference between his first and second batt, thats way i linked the second page.
Maybe a good idea for you as well?

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