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Full river 26650 cells
I recently purchased some new/old stock Fullriver 26650 cells. They are new but 7 Years old!! I got them for 15 cents a pop, so I thought I would try to recover them. The problem
I have is that they start around 1.67 volts and I can only get them to around 2.04 volts. I when I NOR test them in my Liitokala charger, it takes only like 5 seconds! Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks. I’m just experimenting
The Fullriver 26650 cells you're referencing is LiFePo4, not Lithium Ion. The LiitoKala Engineer Lii-500 is not compatible with lifepo4 chemistry. Lifopo4 has lower charge and discharge cutoff voltages.

Here is an awesome review of the charger, see the chart for supported battery types:
Thanks! I’ve been wanting to start experimenting with a diy powerwall with 18650 lithium ion cells, but saw these for stupid cheap. I knew it was gamble, but I guess I never realized they were LiFepo4
I just bought a bunch of those as well! I'm super curious to see how they pan out. I picked up some generic cell holders so I can charge 8 of them up in parallel at a time with my RC charger. Then I'll run them through some discharge cycles on the opus before trying to test them. Should be a fun little side project (like I need any more...).

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