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Learning how to draw digital
There is also InkScape which is free and opensource.
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Inkscape has some potential for me.
Easy and friendly in use and free.

I was playing with it, only need to figure out how to color some lines.
Every line you draw starts in the selected color and then becomes green.

I will give this one a serious try, thanks
Good for you! I love it when people are willing to learn instead of just write off new technology. I've easily spent hundred of hours this year learning software. Lately it has been adobe illustrator to do graphic design work for laser cutting. It just takes consistency and time. Keep up the good work!
Yes you must keep up with technology, or else we would still be walking in animal skins... Big Grin
Or programming in basic.

Thanks for the encouragement btw, and thanks to all!! for the links/names of those programs...

BUT don't touch Angry my "at 386 desktop" with the original lode runner (brotherbond) and gw basics on it(runs under dos 3.1).
Angry dont Angry

Stupid game from 1981 Angel

But i will be back if i have some questions if that is oke.


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