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Swollen/Bulging LiFeYPO4 Batteries (TS-LFP60AHA)
Agree with 100kwh-hunter, cycle the cells over a reduced range a few times, eg 3.0 to 3.3V x5 cycles per cell.
I would not go over 3.5V for testing with your cells.
Like I've said, 3.45V/cell max daily cycle.
3.8V never ever - I don't care what the "specs" say, this is LiFePo4 not Li-ion like typical 18650's.
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Running off solar, DIY & electronics fan :-)
WRT clamping them together:

The cells must be installed securely in such a way that no movement is possible in relation with each other, or it will stress the terminals and link plates. Prismatic cells should also be clamped together between compression plates as the application of a modest amount of pressure helps with preventing electrode delamination, even more so in the presence of shocks and vibrations as found on marine vessels. It also helps with preventing the internals of the cells from shifting in case of violent shock, which can lead to internal cell short-circuits. Clamping is a common warranty condition from manufacturers. Strapping the cells together is simply not good enough for that matter.


I know that my CALB 210aH cells were clamped together in the battery pack they came from (built by a semi-reputable OEM here in the UK)
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Current system: 9.6kWh wet Nicad batteries, 16S1P Calb LiFePo4 210aH, Batrium WM4, Outback vfx3048 inverter, mx60 mppt controller, flexware 500 mounting hardware, 2.4kW solar array, 6kW lister diesel genset. MY'13 Vauxhall Ampera
Nice very helpful to your post
Great link there & related articles also packed with good info.
Will probably tweak the charging parameters a bit on my pack as a result eg put back a small margin between float & absorption voltages.
Running off solar, DIY & electronics fan :-)
Let us know the progress and what you did to them.
I don't think i speak for myself: we want to know.
Good luck and keep us posted.

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