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pv and charger
Hai all, i am slowly.... moving.... slowly..... into my next phase.

If i understand it right:
I buy one solar charge controller from vectron 100v/50 amp
And the solar panels are 32v nominal, 41v 11amp without load.
I can connect 4 groups of 2 parallel panels on that charger.(4s2p)
( i have a feeling: i didnt write this down correct?)

So 4 in series with 2 parallel (41v+41v@11 amp) would be max 82v by 44 amp?
The solar charger can handle this.

It is going to be a 48v nominal system.

Or is it better that i connect 3 in parallel (and buy a 150v)or seek for other volt range in panels?

Any advice is appreciated, thanks in advance
4s is160vdc.

3s is normal on most Charge controllers made for 48vdc systems where voltage should be somewhere between 70-145v in general. But you need to dig into the controller you chose.

And No its not more efficiency to have the voltage Close to battery voltage. It should be where the Charger have best efficiency.

For instance pcm60x should be run with 3s and 3 in parallel
Thats 9 panels you need. 4s is to high and 2s to low
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Don't cut the max voltage too close. The Voc (Voltage at open circuit) on the PV panel specification is often measured at 25degC. On my panels, Voc at 0degC increases by about 8%! The rate of increase should be documented in the specifications as x.xx%/degC. Also, all sorts of components last longer when not pushed to their maximum.
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The amperage on the Victron units is what it will put into the battery and not what your panels can make. For example: I have a 305w sunpower panel hooked up to a 4s10p lifepo pack via a victron 100/15 mppt. I max out at about 210 watts because that is 15 amps into the battery which is the most the charger can do. 15 amps is fine fore me because its a ~32ah pack so I don't mind but it could matter on a bigger system. The Vmp of my panel is around 54 and the Imp is something around 6amps. But I'm leaving power on the table because of the charger.
Yep...wrote it down wrong.....
I will connect solar panels (30v load 40v no load at 10a) this way:
I will gain 80v at 10 amp or 120v at 10 amp with no load.
That is one section.
So the next section will be at the same v but will add up the A
Totally ? (max 8 panels of 40v @ 10 amp,on the first roof) would be 80 v or 120 v?@ 40 or 60A?
I think i am close but o so lost.
Thanks in advance
I found this tool helpful when choosing my panels and inverter combination.
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(11-14-2019, 06:29 PM)Sleonard2649 Wrote: I found this tool helpful when choosing my panels and inverter combination.
 Yes sir, I use this tool - found it because I have Midnite Solar Classic charge controllers but agree its a good way to see the expected metrics of a set of panels regardless of the controller used Smile

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