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Second BMS setup Suggestions?
So right now i'm running an Electrodacus as my main solar/ bms for my 7S setup. Going to be adding another 7S to connect the the excising 7s 24v setup.  i was thinking just a cheap 60 amp bms but not really sure. Batruim is out of my price range. What are people doing when they increase or add on ? Links also if you can provide please
Make it simple and attache it in parallel. Ie all packs. Then you use the same as you have today. Its alot better...

I guess current packs arent that big and the Electrodacus can cope with it in total.
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Depends on how balanced your packs are but yes I agree with daromer. I have 60p packs but I've already paralleled them together 5 deep. So my packs are essentially 300p packs. I interconnect them with 12ga wire as only very little current is going through them.

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that does solve my issue, thank you guys

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