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Hi from South Australia
Hi Everyone 

I thought id introduce myself as I seem to be quickly falling into the DIY power wall market.  I was lucky enough to be offered 4 large bins full of dead power tool batteries after speaking to a friend that was needing to recycle these. I'm roughly guessing about 4000 cells as I have extracted 300 cells over the weekend and haven't even hit 1/4 of the first bin of batteries. If anyone has any tips on how to extract these cells easily from power tool batteries id love some ideas. I am still ordering all my battery cycling and charging equipment and will be building a testing bench over the next few weeks.

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Dam that's an awesome score - looks like you're going to have a very good start to your build - THOSE 30Q's !!!
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Thanks, It looks like a lot will be the 30Qs from Milwaukee and AEG batteries. im also getting a few larger cells from the Milwaukee 8ah and 12 ah batteries. still don't know what im going to do with these cells as ill only get around 100 of these I think



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those 21700's are awesome cells - if you're in Brisbane and you need to offload them I'd be happy to help Smile
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