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Cheap Chinese Active Balancers
(11-19-2019, 02:48 AM)jonyjoe505 Wrote: The middle one, I bought the 4s version(20 dolllars) and Also after 5 hours the battery was still out of balance but it did  balance a small bit. But it would be insignificant.It does work but very slowly, it would take days to balance an out of balance pack. But it will keep a pack that is mostly balance, in balance.

That's curious considering it's supposed to transfer charge at the rate of several amps - so I guess the rating is bad. Do you have any data you'd like to share with that unit? 

I just bought the same one *facepalm* so I'll be testing it as well. I've been working on a DIY BMS, and the most annoying part for me has been the balancing. What I liked about that unit is that it has an on/off switch (a trace on the PCB you can cut and hookup to a switch) to turn balancing on and off. 
I'd like to also measure the current and see what it is actually balancing at.

Based on your feedback it seems like it's a dud and I might be better off with what I was doing - a resistive balance board that is separate. Either way I'll test it and share my results. 

Other than that - a BMS system would just need to do low and high voltage cutoffs which is much easier to implement. There are a bunch of cheap $20 current meters on amazon that... well they aren't perfect but they are close enough for users like myself who are using sub 5kwh systems
there was a new version that came out that has red capacitors instead of the blue ones,. its suppose to be an improvement. The ones I have just don't balance fast enough. When I tested it, I used a severely out of balance pack, and its performance was not good. During the test I also used a 3in1 lipo tester (which has resistive balancers) the 3in1 tester(cost 10 dollars) easily outperformed the active balancer.

The chargery bms8 that I have on my 4s 220ah lifepo4 , has 1.2 amp resistive balancing, you can adjust at what voltage you want them to come on, you can also turn them off. Very good bms all around.

3in1 tester works better then the cheaper active balancers 
I bought the red resistor one myself. I checked youtube and looks like one person made a video which... I can't really decipher but I think it shows him getting almost 5amps of balancing current in his testing.

Looks like his setup is 5 cheapo multimeters soldered on to measure current draw, and that exact 3in1 tester you have to measure voltage.

He's even tested this 1a version and it seems to be working...

What I would use is the 5amp version - which would be automatically controlled via my bms. This way I can also keep track of how long equalizing was kept on for
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