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[CLOSED] high drain lithium polimer cells ready with contacts Brand NEW Factory sealed
Hello i have a loads of these cells brand new and newer used manufacture year end of 2016 to end 2017 still in boxes and been keep on storage temp and capacity, have tested few cells random and its 100% same as new no any voltage drops or capacity
Optimized for PHEV ,EV, Power walls
I,m Based in United Kingdom,can post to whole EU all depends of destination
one box contains 50Cells (25pcs X2 packed in separate )
minimum order 25 cells
20AH Nominal capacity
5Cdischarge rate (100A)
10C max discharge(10 Sec 200A)
check pictures below and datasheet
good offers welcome ,can find me on Facebook for faster response

24£(GPB) per cell or make me an offer, if take all, i have 1000+ cells in stock, can get other 5000 cells direct from supplier


A Lithium Polymer prismatic pouch cell with excellent specific energy/power of 174 Wh/ 2300W per kg.
A great all round cell for performance requirements.
EIG supplied cells to Quimera for use in the amazing GT-C fully electric race car.
Removed email. They can either PM or Email you using the option under your profile (btw, you don't have email enabled in your profile).
Otherwise approved Smile
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