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Android/Raspberry Pi Battery Monitor?
I've been searching all over for a design for a Rasberry Pi or Arduino or Android project that has ability to connect a set of BMS leads (such as Tesla 6s leads + two thermistors) and generate a graphical monitor. (Kind of like the IDST cell monitor)

Does anyone know of a breakout board project like that?
Batrium bms with watchmonudppistener that i built.
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Are you any good at writing or at least understanding code? There is an open source BMS controller already for Tesla modules with the OEM BMS boards

Take the output from that board and pass it to NodeRed or Influx/Grafana and you have your dashboard.

If you'd rather go the easier route you can get a SimpBMS or if you want to do nothing with code or wiring get the EVTV controller with a display.
Have you checked out all the Arduino/BMS projects on YouTube? I don't know if any pertain to exactly what you are looking for but I keep running across quite a few of them.

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