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wind energy.
A couple of months go, i wanted some energy from the windt.
A lot of knowledgeable people around here, advised me to don't do it.
It was about some aliexpress windmill.

The idea of a windmill/turbine on my roof or field was still playing in my head.
I live in a country side place with lots of open space, and decided to continue on my search...

I found this article on somewhat more expensive and better wind turbines.
Hope this is interesting for people that want to play with the same idea.
I am somewhat cured, every extra cent is going to my solar and pw stuff

Hope this is a pleasant reading.

Btw "Zeeland" is one of our most windy province, second i thought, "Noord-Holland" the first i thought.
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Selling everything at marketplace.
I'd suggest looking at VAWT. I personal am though it needs planning permission so it got push to the last leg.

I've seen decent 450W / 600W VAWTs on eBay and aliexpress.

Depends on what you want though.. For higher stronger directional wind (not residential) you could look at Hawt mounted on pole.

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