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MPP 3kw Hybrid
Hi there, I have a question.

I use a MPP 3 KW hybrid inverter with PV 3 KW, and a 7KW 18650 battery.
When the sun is down, I have a constant load consumption from 250 watts.
on the MPP software I can see that the power is from the grid and from the battery.
I configured the MPP, when no PV power then first power from the battery and when not enough power from the grid.

The battery is full and can give enough power.
But why is the MPP inverter take power from the grid? and not only from the battery?

My goal is o watt from the grid!

Its how they work. They Always use Power from the oposite Side. So it battery is primary grid Will Power the system.. IF grid is primary the battery power it.
Same on all those units. You need to add some Power cirrection and backfeed those 250w to the grid.

Under One of the settings

Note that a Hybrid inverter have no such thing as either or. They are a mixed combo so all energy to go a single midpoint. The MPP gear do not have a proper meassurement unit to crosscheck this. You get what you pay for kind of.
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Maybe this is a idea?


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