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How can I remove these tabs?
Harvesting these cells from work, and they have these tabs on the top and bottom that were used to connect them to the circuit board. What would be the best way to remove them safely, and so I don't damage the cell?


Those look like the heavy weight tabs you get in power tool batteries. Personally I'd just cut them back and use them to solder to... I have a few cells like this and I haven't braved the removal of the tabs.
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Use side cutters to trim as close as possible.On the positive end, you could rip them off. However, the negative end takes a bit more fineness and is more fragile as you could rip a hole in the casing. Trimming is suggested, safest.
Don't use an abrasive on the casing as you will remove the thin layer of nickle coating which allow rust to form on the steel casing.
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Thank you for the replies.

I have a few I have tried cutting now, think I need some smaller side cutters so I can get a bit closer, and tidier.
Have heard that one of our other workshops, someone didn't cut safely. Cell was not happy. Do not want to end up like this
I got a pretty nice assortment of side, flush, and diag cutters...

In addition to the small electronics flush cutters Haako CHP Micro Cutter, I find the Knipex 160 to be fantastic for the jobs that need something a bit more heavy duty.  Heavy duty being relative because I still have their knipex diagonal cutters that can cut though a penny without damage. In comparison to those, the 160 is a precision tool.
Those micro cutters look great and just what I am after, will have to get for the electronics kit. I already have Knipex 200 at home, they go through so smoothly. At work I have a very large Powerbuilt tool set, and was using the snips out of that at first. They aren't the best tools.
Leave them on and bend them back? to solder on.
Be very careful when removing the strips at the neg side, you don't always smell that sweet li ion smell.
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Be careful not to damage the plastic casing and cause a short when removing them.
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Yes, will definitely avoid doing that. Think that's what the person did at the other workshop.

(11-11-2019, 04:36 PM)100kwh-hunter Wrote: Leave them on and bend them back? to solder on.
Be very careful when removing the strips at the neg side, you don't always smell that sweet li ion smell.

Think I will trim them down so they don't stick out. Then use what is left to solder on to
I use a pair of long-nose pliers and peal them back. You will end up with some stubs left. As long as they're not too big, I just tap them down flat with the side of the pliers. I have never had trouble welding nickel strips after doing this. It saves a lot of time vs sitting there picking tiny bits off.
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