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[SELLING] [FREE FREE FREE] Assorted 18650 cells and more
Edit: I'll be updating as people contact me with requests for the cells below. 

I have nearly 200 good cells to give away. Most have been cycled and capacity tested to be over 90% (the rest were voltage checked). 

Located in Denver, CO, USA. Local hand off preferred over shipping, recipient to pay shipping. No shipping outside lower 48 states.

(QTY) Brand Model Capacity[mAh]
(5) LG LGDAHB21865 1500
(50) LG LGDAHD11865 1300

(3) Samsung INR18650-13B 1300
(10) Samsung INR18650-13Q 1300
(1) LG LGABC41865 2750
(5) LG LGEAS31865 2200
(8) Sanyo UR18650FB 2400
(2) Panasonic NCR18650PF 2900
(18) EVE ICR18650/26V 2550
(40) BAKTH N18650CK 3050 

(2) KAYO ICR18650 2600
(6) Generic ICR18650 2600
(6) Generic INR18650E 2600
Other cells:
(12) Ultralife U10014/UHR-CR34610 11,100 Non rechargeable LiMnO2
(20) Generic Prismatic 10X34X42mm 1500

I can post more pictures if there is a specific need.

~~Sending you a PM (been lurking, registered just for this!)~~

E: j/k shipping lithium, doh!
Likely the same Volodath you saw playing WoW in 2007.
The only ones that would be tricky to ship are the primary lithium cells. (12) Ultralife U10014/UHR-CR34610 11,100 Non rechargeable LiMnO2

The rest can be shipped domestically.
Yeah I sent you a PM with zip codes, I'd be happy to pay shipping.
Likely the same Volodath you saw playing WoW in 2007.
Your PM mail box isn't working.
(11-14-2019, 07:57 PM)Lucan Wrote: Your PM mail box isn't working.

Oh I see, that's something you need to manually enable in this forum. Oops.

I've enabled and updated my settings. Give me another shot?
Likely the same Volodath you saw playing WoW in 2007.
Updated to reflect current status. Still lots to give away!
All the 18650's are spoken for. Down to just the 1500mAh prismatic cells and the non rechargeable LiMnO2 "D" cells.

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