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Anyone own a Tesla?
I have officially purchased the largest amount of battery capacity I have ever done in a single transaction... that said I won't be pulling it out of the Tesla Model 3 anytime soon.

<--- Excited, I have been needing a new car for a while.
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No Sad
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i too
(11-11-2019, 08:09 PM)Crimp Daddy Wrote: Seriously contemplating a Tesla Model 3 to replace my 14 year old daily driver / work commuter.
I’m starting to really like the idea of owning one, but I still feel like a bit of an early adopter.
Anyone else have one, care to share your experiences (good or bad)?
I've got a Model S Performance, the new one. It's bonkers quick but unbelievably practical at the same time. And it's the smoothest driving out of all the cars we own. just a lovely car all around!
Aren't you too young to be playing around with Lithium-Ion batteries?

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