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48V 120/240V 5kW+, AC Coupled, Controllable/programmable Inverter Selection
Alooooooooooooooha Friends!

Finally pulled the trigger on a good heap of 16-20kWh LFP batteries, which I plan on putting in a 48V config, so next in the adventure comes my inverter selection. I have a few concepts I'm trying to optimize for - please tell me if I'm certifiably insane, and if not, please help point me in the right direction for some inverters:

1. 48V (duh) - Bought the Batteryhookup BYD LFP big boys, so it'll be a 16s system (looking for BMS advice as well  Smile )
2. 5kW ish? open to more, but thinking that's where the budget will put me
3. Have an existing 8kW solar system with microinveters, so need the ability to AC couple and power critical systems when the California grid goes potato.
4. 120V minimum, but would enjoy being able to charge my car with 240V. Will I be able to backfeed the grid if I'm only at 120V, or do I need 240?
5. Controllable - Doesn't necessarily need to be integrated into the inverter (could be BMS or other management system, but often the inverter is one necessary piece like with Victron)
  • Backup mode
  • Rate Arbitrage mode: ability to schedule charging batteries from grid during off peak, and schedule discharging during peak

Fully open to buying new or used.

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