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PCM60X with 4s80p
Hi all,
I have searched the forum and I apologize if I have missed the answer to my question.  I have two 300 watt 12v solar panels connected to a PCM60X solar charge controller.  The solar charge controller is connected to a 4s80p 18650 battery bank.  The battery bank feeds an inverter whose max. voltage is 15.4 volts.  When attempting to configure the PCM60X utilizing the custom settings, the controller will only go up to 15 volts max for the absorption charging voltage and the same for the floating charging voltage.  As I understand it, if you are running a 48-volt system you divide by 4, a 24v system is divided by 2 and a 12 v system is divided by 1. I do not see a way to get 15.4 volts. I am working diligently to go up to 48 volts but it is taking a while.  In the mean time I would like to power a few things in the barn off of the 12-volt inverter.  Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.  Randy
I would turn off the Absorption & Float they are meant for LGA batteries not lithium. Also would consider the PCM60X to be less than ideal for 12v based batteries.
The PCM60X is in increments of 12v (i have no idea why but feel it's an improvement they could make)
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 >4s80p 18650 battery bank.  
4s is 4 * 4.2 = 16.8 top voltage.  Lithium-ion 3s is typically a little low for standard 12v range and 4s is a little high.  Whereas 7s (24v) and 14s (48v) is right in the zone voltage range wise.  That's why most folks don't use 18650 for 12v.    Having said all that - it really is a matter of your equipment letting you set the voltage ranges you need - some do and some don't Smile
Pcm60x is for la. 4s is not the same voltage range as a la. As we have Said many Times 12v does not work with liion.

Go 7s / 24v or higher and it Will work
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Thank you all very much!  Wow, such a quick and amazingly fast response.  I just wanted to make sure there was no easy way to avoid the restrictions imposed by using a 4s 12v battery pack.  Guess I had better get cracking on the remaining 10 packs to bring me up to a 14s system.  I plan on purchasing a 48v inverter soon, probably MPP solar.
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