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Ford energi powerwall
HE'S ALIVE!!!!!!!! Tongue Slacker Wink
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I did the best job I could at slacking tho!

Today was spent charging a couple packs and working on the bus bar covers / wiring.  They were 21s before so a lot of the balance leads could go along with a few temp sensors (I left one sensor in the middle).

At first I figured I'd have Anderson connectors at both ends but the solid bars from the factory do make it nice an tidy.
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One battery set complete! The first one always takes the longest so I'm sure the rest will just be like 20 minutes or so.

Slight problem - Those metal tabs a few pics up are the bus bars for each pack, and since the cell layout changed, I'm using twice as many tabs as what originally came in each pack, so I've only been able to finish seven.

I hadn't done this before and just measured them; they're only 1/32 thick, which gets doubled because of overlapping tabs, but with gaps it's not 100%. Dunno how many amps that can effectively handle, but if I have to buy / make more bus bars I might re-do all the packs. Anybody have a source for tinned copper bus bars? 1/8" x 5/8" would be perfect. Not sure if wider would interfere with the covers.

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