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[SELLING] Bulk Nissan Leaf Batteries for sale
Battery hookup has 2000, that's not a typeO .. TwoThousand Nissan Leaf batteries (the whole thing 24kWh's)

If you use the code word 'Battery' at check out you'll receive another 10% off the sale price of $1799.00usd

After the discount that's only ‭$1,619.1‬0 plus shipping to the lower 48


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Save 10% at Battery Hookup with code 'Powerwalls' Just enter it in checkout
Hmmm, assuming 70% of charge left, that comes out to ~$95/Kwh. Not ground breaking, but not inconsequential when you consider how much easier these are to work with vs managing dozens/hundreds/thousand+ 18650.
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Likely the same Volodath you saw playing WoW in 2007.
For used leaf packs that is a crazy cheap price! and the fact you can order 10x, 20 or a shipping container is just incredible - they are not only cheap but leave room to buy, strip & resell for a nice profit.
Save 10% at Battery Hookup with code 'Powerwalls' Just enter it in checkout
Not to derail this post Pete, but batteryhookup also has these BYD 4.5kwh batteries! They are perfectly configured at 24V at around $100/kwh as well. This one is local pickup if you're nearby so that makes it sweeter!

Pros is it's preconfigured, so there's nothing to do, other than to bolt up and go. The case makes it easy for RV or makes it portable.
Cons is that if one cell fails, it's a little harder to take apart. From the looks of the video by David Poz it doesn't look like it's as easily removable. I could be wrong.
You can't derail just add to the conversation - they both have their advantages that's for sure, given how fast the BYD sold out in the first round i'd say the community thinks they are more useful/affordable. I'll reach out to Tom to see if he'll release some figures as to how many sold of each.
Save 10% at Battery Hookup with code 'Powerwalls' Just enter it in checkout
Thanks Pete, I purchased one the minute I saw your post, I have just finished and now running 70 100p of 18650 and it’s taken 2years to complete. With these it’s going to be a vacation. Thanks again.
Randolph LaCroix
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Anyone got some info on how to get these to Australia. I have been trying some Freight Forwarding Companies. Most dont ship Battery Packs.

I was looking at these. Perfect for what i need.

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