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Batrium bms for 24v modules
I am selling mine at marcketplace. i dont know where you are in this world.
Maybe i can save you some money?
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Youtube @DavidPoz just posted a full-scale BMS wiring setup that paralleled the cells and brings it all to a master BMS bus. "Central BMS Wiring Harness and HUB, LiFePO4 Battery" The wiring is quite looooong but so what - it looks like its going to work just fine. Should have a complete answer soon.
My Fiat 500e modules require me to parallel the balance leads between packs because of the way the modules are constructed.

I thought a lot about a clean way to do it safely and decided on DIN rail terminal blocks. The regular smaller ones can still handle up to 30 amps each. One benefit is that many brands sell an assortment of jumpers which allow you to quickly group a set of terminal blocks in parallel. You can also quickly remove the jumper if you wanted to test each individual cell which would be great for maintenance.

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