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Hello from Sacramento CA
Hey everyone!

I've been into solar and powerwalls for several months now and my addiction doesn't seem to be going anywhere. It all started when my brother asked me to design a solar setup for his van (I'm an engineer). I started off watching Will Prowse's videos and down the rabbit hole I went.

His van just did it's first hookup to solar a few weeks ago and I've since started helping my good friend with a 48v system for his shipping container home.

I decided it was time for me to start my own project and decided that doing a small powerwall for my home office would be a good idea. I'll post that thread in the builds section.

Really cool to see the size of some people's projects! Looking forward to learning lots and sharing my projects along the way.

Hey, welcome to the community buddy I'll keep an eye out in the build section for your projects
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