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Can the MPP LV5048 clean up Line/Generator power?
Hello all, question about the MPP LV5048 - I'm curious if this could be used to convert the power from a non-inverter generator into cleaner, pure sine wave power that could be used to power my house in the US which of course is wired L1 - N - L2.

Basically, the setup would be 240v split phase generator input -> LV5048 -> 240 split phase output.  I realize the input from the generator into the LV5048 needs to be within the specifications or it will reject it.

Ideally the LV5048 would take in the AC input from the generator, convert it to DC and then invert it back to AC power.

I would obviously not want it bypassing the inverter.

I checked the manual and I'm not sure if this can be done.

This would be done without batteries, and without solar panels as well.

Does this, or any other inverter, support what I'm trying to do? Basically making my own inverter generator.

What makes you think your non inverter generator will put out dirty power? Is it really such a cheap pile of junk?
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The PIP does not work like that. Its either pass through or off grid. You need to get heck alot more expensive hybrid device for it OR a charger that first charges battery and then inverts.

There is though 1 way doing it with the pip and thats basically to have it in off grid mode while letting it charge the battery at the same time. if it can do that im not sure though.
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Like daromer said it may be possible through a PIP but I've never tried it either. I remember using the AC charging along with solar during my initial testing since I didn't have enough solar power but I don't exactly remember if it was on battery at that moment. I did recall thinking back then it was possible, but I may be wrong.

However, what are you doing that requires clean power? Assuming that the generator is clean enough to power the PIP, it should be clean enough to power other things. If you really must power something with clean power, you could always get a separate online ups just for it. Most ups are line-interactive, which means using grid until power goes out. An online ups is always on battery mode so it generates a pure sinewave output. I use online ups at work because of this as we do have a generator backup.
Ok, dumb idea - say instead of purchasing a AC generator head I used the diesel to drive several DC PMA alternators. Connect them to the inverter where you would normally connect the PV arrays. Assuming the voltages were regulated and kept within the limits of the inverter, think that would work?
Just an thought, can not run off grid btw. you will need a different system extra, a small 12v battery with a car inverter or something, but no connection to the grid.
What if there is a maintenance guy, and you deliver power to the public grid, or the pg will drain your whole battery to quick

But the alternators are ac output? or dc?

To go with daromer, just disconnect it from the grid.
Use your alternators where the dc is going in.

Or, that would be my choice, create a battery bank and charge whenever you need with whatever you have.
Meaning also different chargers.
Using Car Alternators (this is what I'm assuming you are thinking) to go to the input of the MPPT controller is probably not a good idea. The MPPT will try to pull as much amps as possible and the alts won't be able to handle it continuously at idle rpms. And they probably wouldn't be able to even under 3000rpm or better. I doubt they'd have enough internal cooling ability.

Unless you were to get a "lithium" based car alternator. They are made to handle the much higher amps required to charge lithiums, and therefore would handle the MPPT charger side as well, I'm guessing. Buuuuut, I'm sure they aren't inexpensive. You'd be better off getting the correct equipment
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Thanks guys. My original plan here was just to have clean backup power when grid power isn't available - which honestly, is rare, and I've just wanted a fun project to work on. I really have no interest in setting up solar or a battery bank as it would be used rarely. No need for me to feed back into the grid - it would be completely disconnected when using this setup.

The alternators (DC by the way) I was considering using would be something like this, probably could power several of them off my engine.

I have a small Yanmar diesel out of an old ThermoKing TriPAC APU unit that used to be on a Kenworth I drove over the road. It's a TK270M, rated at about 10HP at 2400 RPM, although I believe it runs at 1800 RPM in the TK unit. That was my plan for the engine, turning it into some kind of a generator, either AC or DC.

What I'm leaning towards right now is ordering a generator head off Aliexpress, like this:

From what I've read about those heads I can run them at 1800 RPM to get 60HZ, and I'd have to change the wiring up a bit because by default it'd just produce straight 240V, but with 4 poles I should be able to get 60HZ 240 split phase which at 7.5kW should probably run everything I'd need to short of starting the compressor. Perhaps I should just bite the bullet, order the generator head and a Lovejoy coupling, throw it together and see how clean the power is before I go worrying about trying to build an inverter generator out of the whole setup.
Why you don't make a biodiesel reactor...i can help you with that...that is easy.
Hard part is to collect the waste oil, or grow your own if you don't have a good source of oil.
It can be enough to power a generator without alternators, i did it for years.
I wish i knew more about energy storage back then...
Car alternators will work fine to run but its for sure very very inefficient. Most cars regulate it good enough and of course you need to raise the throttle a bit since at idle if you talk original generator it does not give much. Still doable... I know many that have done it and some run it still.

But its better to just buy a geni of some kind like a 3kw one or what not and let it charge.
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