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SMA 6048-US-10 hookup?
I know I'm pretty late to the game, but with the DC Solar bankruptcy auction there has been a huge influx of the SMA Sunny Island Hybrid 6048-US-10 on the market.

After the amount of reading I've done over the past couple hours, I think I'd like to pull the trigger on a pair of those in my efforts toward a 48V, AC Coupled, grid chargeable, potentially grid dischargeable 120/240V split phase system.

So with that, I see a few on the market that can be bought for around 1500 apiece plus freight... does anyone have any hookups for better prices than that? Even better, anyone know of any California/bay area local pickup options to save even more on shipping?
The cheapest seller on eBay right now is from California. Maybe send him a message and ask if you can pick up locally? I'll bet he gives you a good deal because of no shipping, ebay, and paypal fees.
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CHEAP! 2200mAh Sanyo Cells for Salvage, Only $0.17/ea!!
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Yea definitely solid find. For any others interested, the seller Mike linked is in Palo Alto. I'm pinging them to see if they're open to local cash transactions. If anyone is interested, I'm sure they'd be open to a group buy scenario.

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