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Bosch core 18v 6.3 Ah
Does anyone know of a post for salvaging the 20700 cells

I opened up the battery, but the cells will not push out

I started to peal away the cell holders and there is no battery sleeve

Overall a very nice design. Uses a printed circuit board with ribbon cables pinched between cell wall and cell holder. No balancing wires to snip off

Here they just give the cell a good wack

But my first tries to knock out have damaged the + side of cell
(11-28-2019, 02:28 AM)Chablis_m Wrote: But my first tries to knock out have damaged the + side of cell

Similar problems for me when i tried to disassemble Flyer battery pack. Just be patient and try to push cells with some plastic instead of metal.
I found that if you run a knife 1/4 down cavity on but end, you can successfully push out the cell.

Takes an extreme amount of pressure, put avoids damage from any impact.

These cell holders are pretty slick

There are copper pads that completely cover the cell ends. The copper pad is held against the cell face by lid. A foam gasket sits between the lid and copper.

Would not be hard for someone to replicate this design for an 18650

Also would not be hard to pull 1/2 the cells, flip them and reinstall to create a 1s10P using all the original parts.

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