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First Build...
Hello and thank you for forum, this place is wonderful!
I just finished my first battery pack it is a 24v system, 7s11p I chose 24v for my first build so I could fully enjoy the cost of upgrading to a 48v system later... about half way through this project I changed my mind from a 12v to 24v system and half my parts where non-refundable so this is kinda what I came up with for now... open to whatever advice you are willing to give, thanks in advance.

This is more or less everything I'm working with;

battery pack: 7s11p (~ 2ah/cell = 154ah total) fused with .5 amp fast glass axial fuses
inverter: 3000w reliable
charge controller: 12/24v solarEnz mppt wind/solar hybrid  (600w @ 24v) 
bms: XLX 24V 20A 7s
pv: (temp. solution) 2x 20w panels in series giving me 1amp in sun!
wind: (complete noob buy...) 400w 12v - ok so here is where I have a real problem, the charge controller is only rated to 300w at 12v, 600w at 24v.  My "best" idea so far other than buying an appropriate turbine for the system would be to run the 3 phases output of the 12v turbine through the charge controller that it came with, rectifying to 12v DC which I could then boost up to say 30v?  but then i run into the problem of the input on the charge controller for the wind turbine which are meant for AC... is there an affordable solution to this problem?
also while i have your brain here, I have the charge range for the pack set to 21v on low end 29v on top end, so far I've tested cell at 4.2 when the pack was bouncing along the top charge yesterday all the rest where around 4.17-8 is this recommended?
Thanks for taking the time, I have posted some pictures this might be helpful. 
We live out in the mountains and the power will begin being cutting out soon as it does every winter so I am fairly motivated to fix this and get the system actually functional. 
Happy to clear up anything I left out or got wrong, thanks!
Fulstein: Have you stress tested your battery build? Perhaps start with more solar to establish the system and then parse out the steps for adding wind. If you're stuck with 12v input from the rectifier, you'll have to boost somehow or suffer elsewhere. Not efficient but can be made to work. Is 20 amps from the BMS enough for your needs?

For 7s the charge range (21v to 29v) seems safe. Yes, keeping your cells charged to 100% all the time will reduce their service life.

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