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33 to 165kwh 48v in belgium

running a flooded lead-acid 48v system 8,5kwh (usable power 4kwh)  for 2 years now 
with a 5kw offgrid inverter (+3,6kwp solar) for garden and pool

Belgian government does not subsidize the 2 LG resu13's i wanted to buy: because they are not on the grid.... so:

building a 33kwh 18650  192p14s  with batrium bms
and a 8kw sma island inverter  for taking the whole house off-grid (+21kwp solar)

4 more packs will be build in the next year : so total of 125kwh usable power @75% dod
total price : less than 2 LG resu13 , and capacity will be 6times higher !

18650 packs will be housed in a 47U server rack 100x80cm

18650's are LG, bought new @
Fantastic, exciting! I'm at 40kwh (14s120p x 3) and nearly finished with 2 more to take me up to 66kwh.
Are you building these batteries yourself? Solder? Welding? Pictures are always fun. I've been at it for 2 years part-time so I *know* its a huge amount of work.
i solder a 3,15a glass fuse to every single cell, and 4times 3x2,5mm twisted busbar runs between every 2 rows of cells , ending in 35mm crimp lugs.
Negative side has the same busbars, but the cells are soldered with double 0,5mm wires to it.
pictures are coming..
Nice .... time to start your build thread, we do like some pictures.  Smile
18x 300Wp solar off grid and 10x 180Wp solar tracker grid-tie
10KW 3phase hybrid inverter. 40Kwh 18650 storage (for now)
My setup:
Wait what.....WOW

And to think of the event that a old lady was connected to the grid ~15 years ago, she had never used electricity in her whole live....
Her age was respectable 80 or something?
Your government stated, she was the last Belgium that was connect to the grid, and now people are going to disconnect....
Angel Big Grin
I sure see the humor in this one

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